Intelligent Power Generation (IPG) is a British climate-tech company reinventing fuel-based power for the renewable future, with our breakthrough Flameless Ceramic Turbine.



At IPG, we believe power can be equally green, clean, secure and on-demand but we need technologies that can accelerate the transition to hydrogen and biofuels. That is why we are reinventing fuel-based power by making it pollutant-free and able to operate on any renewable fuel.

Through breakthroughs in flameless combustion and high-temperature ceramics, the Flameless Ceramic Turbine is a cleaner, cheaper, grid-independent power solution for the renewable future. 


In partnership with leading universities, government agencies and commercial development partners, IPG is delivering an economically viable solution that can unlock the roadmap to hydrogen and biofuels. 

We are the first company to commercialise fuel-flexible flameless combustion in small-scale power generation, enabling businesses to reduce emissions and improve air quality, without compromising business-as-usual.

"The coming energy transition is as significant as the first industrial revolution and will need a similar level of innovation and disruption. IPG’s technology will play a leading role in this transition by allowing the use of clean fuels, at high efficiencies in a wide variety of uses."

Ian Marchant, Advisory Board member, IPG

Our Advisory Board

Nigel Ellis

Former Technical Development Manager of SSE and Sustainable Energy Consultant at Dunelm Energy.

Ian Marchant

Former CEO of SSE. He is also non-Executive Director of Aggreko and Chairman of Thames Water plc.

Volker Schulte

Senior Industry Expert at Triton Partners (Private Equity) and formerly CTO/COO at Aggreko pls and Senior GM at General Electric.

Tom White

CEO of Leif Capital, the UK-based investment bank. Tom has 20 years’ experience in sustainable investment and corporate venture capital. 

Meet the leadership team

Our team combine decades of technology and design expertise with a breadth of experience in rapid development and commercial delivery.


The wider team’s expertise covers design, mechanical, CAD and production engineering and procurement. The team hold 7 PhDs/post-graduates.

Toby Gill

Chief Executive Officer

John Grainger

Chief Technology Officer and Founder

Tristram Bracey

Chief Design Officer

Brett Moolenschot

Product Manager and Senior Engineer

Martin Rushton-Turner

Executive Chairman, Lead Investor and Founder

Daniel Henbest

Executive Founder

Discover our technology

Our Flameless Ceramic Turbine combines breakthroughs in flameless combustion technology and innovations in ceramic design to deliver demand-responsive power without the emissions.

See the industries and applications for our technology 

Our technology enables businesses in a wide range of industries to reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality.


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