Fuel-based power generators must adapt to be pollutant-free from any renewable fuel.

Renewable fuels offer a road map to decarbonising the fuel-based power generation market but there is uncertainty to the timescale and availability. Fuel-flexibility is key to future-proof, low-risk infrastructure investments in a constantly evolving renewable fuel market.

By making it clean, flameless and able to operate on any fuel with IPG's Flameless Ceramic Turbine.


The Flameless Ceramic Turbine

For many businesses, where on-site power generation is required, and on-site wind and solar are not practical or economically viable, diesel and gas generators are the option.

For those instances, IPG's Flameless Ceramic Turbine offers a: 

Zero-pollutant power solution 
Cheaper power solution
Future-proofed power solution

How does it work?

Our Flameless Ceramic Turbine combines breakthroughs in flameless combustion technology and innovations in ceramic design to deliver demand-responsive power without the emissions.

Pollutant-free power from any renewable fuel

How? By operating at high temperatures, above the temperature for spontaneous reaction from any fuel, to enable combustion without a flame.

Power plant efficiencies at the microscale

How? Low-cost ceramics enable temperatures beyond the limitations of metals to deliver fuel efficiencies of power plants in small-scale distributed power

Latest news

Our development partners

"Grid access and capacity issues, as well as the infeasibility of on-site solar and wind, is a barrier for EV charging in many locations. 


Highways England is funding this project to assess how IPG's turbine technology could present a solution for delivering power at a competitive cost while improving air quality, that would alleviate grid stress in high-use areas, as well as enabling remote locations to facilitate EV charging.”


Brian Cull, Senior Intelligent Transport Systems Engineer,

Highways England


About IPG

Reinventing fuel-based power for the renewable future 

At IPG, we believe power can be equally green, clean, secure and on-demand but we need technologies that can accelerate the transition to renewable fuels. That is why, we are reinventing fuel-based power by making it clean, flameless and able to operate on any renewable fuel.

Through breakthroughs in flameless combustion and high-temperature ceramics the Flameless Ceramic Turbine enables businesses to reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality, without compromising business-as-usual.

IPG is founded and run by a group of serial entrepreneurs. Our team combines decades of technology and design expertise with a breadth of experience in rapid development and commercial delivery.

We are the first company to commercialise fuel-flexible flameless combustion in small-scale power generation and we are working with leading universities, government agencies and commercial development partners to deliver our product to market.

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